Finally! Our First Egg!

Those who keep chickens knows how torturous it is waiting for that first egg. They also know how rewarding it is when that first egg arrives! Being zero degrees the past few days and a couple of major snow storms blowing our way, I was not expecting any eggs from our younger chickens until at least March, even though they just turned 18 weeks this week. Heck, one of our older girls (our drama queen White Cochin, Hildegard) has completely stopped laying for the winter.

Jolie the Turken

Jolie the Turken

So when I found our Naked Neck Turken hiding out in one of the nesting boxes this morning, I pretty much played it off as her hiding from the rest of them with no where else to go since there was over a foot of snow outside and they have been “cooped up” for a couple of days now. (She seems to be the lowest in the pecking order from what I can tell) But low and behold! Thirty minutes later there was a tiny egg in that box! Still warm! So unless one of the other girls laid their first egg and she just decided to sit on it for a bit to see what it was like, I’m saying she’s first out of the ten youngins to lay their first egg. Congrats Jolie!

Lucas Holding the Turken egg

Lucas Holding the Turken egg

Side by Side with a Barred Rock egg

Side by Side with a Barred Rock egg

Correction 2/4/2015: they are actually 20 weeks old. My math was off!

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